Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Like a summer breeze you came
To make it bearable
Before we knew that we would need you so bad
Before we would lay all our cards on the table...
That you would soon do what I should have done
And in a way so much better...

With a grin and a giggle
You brought short moments of cheer
To a home that had lost it’s fight
Long, long before
There ceased to be
any real light.
You appeared from nowhere
And took your place
In this play of ours
Like a fairy godmother
Sent down, just for us.

Who sent you?
A debt long forgotten
Karma in play?
You make me want to believe
That there is indeed some God
But then again,
If there are debts and karma and reincarnation
Then this God of yours must believe in fair play
And knowing enough to have sent you
Yet making you necessary
Makes me think
This job being God
Mustn’t be easy
And maybe He was someplace else
Looking at another point of view
That I just cannot see
While we stood aside
Hands tied
Watching it all slip away
For good.

And then you disappeared too
Your work done
You seemed incomplete and
you felt incomplete.
At some level
You had played out your piece
And it was time to move on
Make another life
Another home.