Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mushy Moment

You know you can never really have the old life back when....'re feeling hot lounging in a cool martini-bar on NYE, but you do the run-fingers-through-hair move and you suddenly feel dried baby food in a strand.

You know you really don't want the old life back when... tuck said strand behind ear, and recall that the food got there when he reached up with those grubby hands and stroked your hair. In the middle of the feed, in the middle of the screaming and grabbing. Making perfect eye contact, no pulling, just a stroke. And it's warm inside, warmer than any appletini could ever make it.

These things happen?

Middle of the week, middle of this crazy work week, I vent on gtalk...

Me: guess what, MrG was at a sports bar last night. till midnight. some game.
P: yeah?! you were ok? nanny stayed over kya?
Me: no she left. but i managed. bawling baby on hip and all.
P: good re.
Me: thanks re.
P: should have kept her tho. these things happen sometimes.
Me: these things? mrG ka bada side le rahi hai
P: no i'm just saying
Me: MrP was logged in till late yesterday
P: oh yeah, he was cooking and chatting it seems
Me: it seems?
P: i was playing poker with my office people. he went home, cooked dinner and then came to pick me up