Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oh! I’ll just say it like it is...

I’m not a native of these parts
But my kind and your kind,
Go back a long, long time
So in a way, it was a reunion
Creating perfect music, flawless rhyme.

I am an acquired taste they say
But you took to me like a fish to water
Soaking your soul in my sweetness
For you, it was love from the beginning
Your eyes and waiting lips,
Have time and over, confessed.

Like making love while still half asleep
Morning rays flooding the boards
Things enjoyed first thing in the morning
Are special enough for their very own odes
To some I am bitter, to some a vice
I come hand-picked and roasted nice
I’m Peet’s Sierra Dorada, a signature blend
Displaced once a while by whatever’s the trend
But for Gabby I will simply remain
A brew invented to keep her man sane
Screwing with Mr.G’s coffee, to simply state
Is like playing with fire or tempting fate!!!